great vintage

jeans- Primark, blouse- Only, blazer- Vero Moda, belt- Petrol Industries, shoes- Claudia Ghizzani

Would you believe me if I would say that this beautiful, classic bag is more than 20 years old?
I don't have any clue what brand it is, but it comes with wonderful memories and history. After Soviet Union collapse when Latvia got it's freedom my dad with my great-grandmother went to visit our German relatives to Germany. World War II and Soviet Union have split our families for many decades. He came back home with lots of wonderful goodies which he have bought and some was given by our relatives. I guess this bag already had a wonderful owner who decided to give it to us and I couldn't say enough thank you to her, because I and my mom have shared this bag for over 20 years. Yes, yes it wasn't sitting on shelf looking pretty we was pairing it with many looks to many occasions and everyday. What strikes me more is its amazing quality. This bag don't have any sign of wear and tear and believe me we have wore it a lot. 
When my mom last year was coming to visit me it was first what I asked for to bring me. Instead I bought her new bag, was feeling a bit guilty that she is left without this beauty.

Peace, joy and ♥
  xoxo Ramona 


tied up memories

top- TK Maxx, trousers- FF, bag- River Island, boots- Topshop, fedora- Fails Worth
all photos by D.A. (click LIKE if you like)

 When I came in shop there was completely different things on my mind what I have to get, but just passing sales rack I saw this beautiful blue (blue is one of my favorite colors) and this gorgeous floral pattern. Beautiful blooms reminded me of pansies. It brought back lovely memories about my childhood. My mom let each, my brother and me, have a flower bed where we could plant and grow what ever we wanted. We had there growing what ever we could get- some potato, onion, peppermint and pansies. We was so proud about our little gardens, there was even happening a little competition. But what most warms up my heart about this pansy print trousers is that back then my brother had soft spot for these delicate blooms. When ever my mom was choosing flowers for flower beds there was request from my brother for pansies.
I didn't bought trousers the same day, I returned back for them after week. I'm glad I got them.

Peace, joy and ♥
  xoxo Ramona 


cozy neutrals..it's all in the details

trousers- FF, jumper- Alice C via TK Maxx, bag- Windsmoor, watch- Kenneth Cole, bracelet- Strike a Pose Jewelry, leather cuff- RR

It's mid of October and I'm pairing jumper and sandals in this look. October have been kind so far. I still don't want to give up on sandals and if I have opportunity I'll wear them. To be honest I'm a bit afraid that there will be plenty of chances when I'll be wearing boots. 
I love how this look came together mixing earthy tones and textures- knitting, fabric, leather, gemstone. Neutrals are anything but boring, it's all in the details.

Peace, joy and ♥
  xoxo Ramona 


classic basics

jeans, shoes- Primark, Penneys, jumper- HandM, trench coat- FF, bag- Windsmoor, bracelet- Strike a Pose Jewelry

The coat and jumper weather is here. We had last night storm and today Internet was very slow, that's the reason why no new updates. It reminded me of last winter when we had so many storms. I hope this year it will be more kindly to us. 
I love how crisp air is now, it feels more like a Fall when it was before. Oh, my and those beautiful Fall sky which color into most incredible colors- pinks, reds, blues, yellows..It makes me think that  we so often eliminate ourselves with color choices in wardrobe with the coming of Fall. It usually lot of neutrals yet in nature it's so colorful. I have to agree that there are those classic basics which always works.

Peace, joy and ♥
  xoxo Ramona